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Reliable Pool Maintenance for Homeowners

Floridians know there's nothing better than going for a dip on a warm, sunny day. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as a maintenance-free pool. Dolphin Pool Care in Lakeland, Florida offers weekly pool service for your aboveground or in ground pool so all you have to do is swim.

A Familiar & Friendly Face

When you hire us, you'll soon learn that we are very reliable and honest. A lot of our customers have told us they came to us because other companies just can't seem to do the job right, or send somebody different each week. With Dolphin Pool Care, we guarantee it will be done right every time and ensure you that you will see the same person each week. When you hire us, we provide you with:

  • Weekly Pool Maintenance
  • Chemical-Only Cleaning Options
  • Spa Cleaning
  • Each visit includes a 7 point water analysis
  • Green Pool Clean- Up

Chemical-Only Plans

Chemical-only plans are also available. If you are keeping up with the cleaning and maintenance of your pool and just need help keeping the chemicals balanced, we will come out weekly and ensure the proper chemicals are being added.

The Ultimate Convenience

Hiring us means when you walk out to your pool, you can dive in without hesitation. There's no need to make weekly trips for chemicals, haul them home and mess up your car, and spend half of your Saturday cleaning your pool while the kids wait anxiously to go swimming. Leaving the maintenance to us allows you to sit back and relax with family and friends while enjoying a nice, clean pool. A pool is a big investment for a homeowner, and you shouldn't have to spend hours cleaning and maintaining it.

Weekly Service

Because of the nature of pools, they can quickly switch from a relaxing part of your backyard to a potential health risk. Cleaning your pool on a weekly basis is the best way to make sure it stays a clean, safe way to have fun in the sun. All of our weekly services include a seven-point chemical check, vacuuming, filtration system maintenance, brushing and skimming the pool, adding the proper chemicals, and cleaning the tile.